COMMS 235: Public Relations

This was a life-changing course for me because I learned about and gained a passion for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through it. I forged an excellent relationship with my professor, and wrote on meaningful topics, like Patagonia’s involvement in the Public Lands Initiative.

Course Outcomes: 

Public Relations Fundamentals
  • Students will be introduced to the professional field of public relations, its history, theory and principles.
Public Relations Strategy
  • Students will learn the basic skills in the practice of strategic planning and implementation in public relations.
Ethical and Legal Behavior
  • Students will learn appropriate legal and ethical behavior in the field of public relations.
Diversity in Public Relations
  • Students will be exposed to issues of diversity in the public relations profession
History of Public Relations
  • Students will recognize the historical development of public relations.
Public Relations in Business and Society
  • Students will recognize the role of public relations in business and society.
Public Relations Practice and Theory
  • Students will establish a theoretical foundation for various practices of public relations and decision making.
Public Relations Process
  • Students will be able to explain the four-step public relations process of research, planning, communication and evaluation and apply the process to a public relation case.
Identifying and Addressing Key Public
  • Students will define key publics and explain how to identify and address them.
Effective Public Relations Practice
  • Students will understand the skills necessary for the effective practice of public relations, including professional writing skills, strategic thinking, planning, organization and crisis management.
Public Opinion and the Media
  • Students will understand how organizations work with the media and the crucial role of media in forming public opinion.

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