Me in a Nutshell.

My name’s Kyra.

Let’s just start off by saying I’m not your average BYU student.

While at Westmont College in Southern California, I often described myself as “The Catholic girl that goes to a non-denominational school but had all Mormon friends.” Well, two years and a study abroad later, I found myself transferring to BYU and making even more Mormon friends.

Although I am still a very devout Catholic, I don’t think I could have found a school or state that is a better fit for me. Here’s why:

Social. BYU’s social scene is off the hook! There’s always something fun going on and there’s always more people to talk to. Being an extrovert, I totally feed off of other people’s energy and love socializing with everyone I meet. Sometimes my professors don’t like that about me though. Oops.

Outdoorsy. I mean have you guys looked around lately?! UTAH IS THE COOLEST EVER. There’s mountains, lakes, snow, National Parks…it’s a nature lover’s paradise! The only thing is I have to try not to think about how I used to live less than five minutes from the beach but other than that, this place is perfect for an outdoorsy gal like me.

Spiritual. Obviously, an overwhelming majority of the state of Utah is Mormon, but did you know Catholicism is the second largest denomination in Utah? Either way, the sate is filled with good-hearted people who are striving their best to serve the Lord. What a beautiful thing.

Creative. Downtown Salt Lake has a pretty fun and unique vibe that matches my own. There’s always a wide variety of creative functions going on – from rock concerts to operas, to art shows and murals that cover the streets. Not to mention the Sundance Film Festival is right up the street! I’m all about expressin’ myself and being creative in multiple art forms.

Sustainability-Oriented. Utah and BYU in particular care so much about helping both people and the environment. BYU’s got some pretty neat programs that focus on socially and environmentally sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most daunting issues, and it’s fertile soil for new ventures. It’s certainly an honor to stand amongst and learn from some of the brightest academics and organizations around!

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!

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